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      • Bus lifting device
      • Alumina transportation
      • Spiral anode hoist
      • Constant volume feeder
      • Small box clamp
      • Technical transformation of transfer frame



      Strong technical force, with independent design, manufacturing, installation and debugging


      Set production, sales and after-sales as one
      Top R & D, production team, master the core technology!

      Zhuhai Shengtian Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in Zhuhai in 1997. It is a joint-stock enterprise with independent legal personality, specializing in the production of aluminum electrolysis equipment, and based on the diversified development of the industry. Its main technology comes from the military technical force, strong technical force, has the ability of independent design, production, installation and debugging.

      Quality assurance, high quality, high stability
      There are many kinds of products with qualified quality

      Iso9001:2015 quality certification enterprise, with perfect testing technology support, the factory has prototype, high-quality testing team, strong financial guarantee.



      Big brand choice, reliable after-sales service
      Provide gold medal quality service for national first-line brands for a long time

      Design, installation and commissioning of alumina conveying (dense phase and ultra dense phase), bagged alumina and container bulk material conveying, technical transformation of bus lifting frame, upgrading to full-automatic series; and providing one-stop service from design to meeting requirements according to customer requirements.

      ABOUT US

      Professional production of aluminum electrolysis equipment and based on the industry to diversified development

      Founded in 1997, Zhuhai Shengtian Industrial Co., Ltd. is an independent legal person, specializing in the production of aluminum electrolysis, alumina transportation and supporting equipment manufacturing, and based on the industry's one-stop solution to the whole process of alumina transportation professional technical services and bus lifting transfer frame manufacturing, installation, commissioning.


      • Certificate of Guangdong high tech products
      • High tech Enterprises
      • quality management system certification
      • Keep the contract and keep the promise
      • Business license